Tie Dye Textile Wall Art

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Tie Dye Wall Textile –

Summer’s officially here. Lazy days and summer camps are where it’s at, and that means one thing – it’s time to “Tie  Dye Your Summer!” Never was there a year when my girls returned home from summer camp without a multitude of bug bites and at least one tie dyed tee-shirt. But today we’re going to do something a bit more creative with the tie dye and tee-shirts. I’ts a throw back to my own youth during the 70’s and is totally on trend in the design world today. It’s textile wall art.

Make a beautiful tie dye wall textile using old tee shirts and Tulip Tie Dye | {Home-ology} modern vintage

 It’s a known fact that I have a love for macrame and textile wall hangings. I’ve even dedicated a  Pinterest Board to them for that one day when I find the time to make my own. But until then, this tie dye version is an easy piece of wall art that you can make for yourself or with your little ones during their summer break.
List of supplies:
  • White Tee shirts (I used one tee-shirt for each row)
  • Clothing Multi-Hanger
  • Tulip Tie Dye kit – America’s favorite tie dye
  • Plastic sheet
  • Plastic gloves
  • Bowl (stainless steel or glass)
  • Plastic grocery bags
how to tie dye a tee shirt using tulip one-step tie dye kit

Select your colors of choice. For mine, I chose varying shades of blue to create a gradient pattern.

Working with one dye at a time, fill your first bottle + shake well. For this project, you’ll be using a bowl instead of the squeeze bottle, so save that bottle for your next tie dye project.

Pour your dye into the bowl. Fill that same bottle with water again, and add to the bowl. Gently mix. Next fold your tee shirt in half length-wise. Working from the bottom up, dip the shirt into the dye. It’s important to get complete coverage from the underarm of the tee shirt to the bottom hem, as that’s the part you’ll be using to create your tee shirt yarn. Once you’ve sufficiently soaked the shirt, squeeze well and wrap in a grocery bag. Let set 8-10 hours or overnight. Repeat these steps with all your remaining dyes.

After the allotted time, follow box directions on washing and drying your tie dyed tee shirt. Once done, you can begin making your yarn. Making tee shirt yarn is easy, but there are specific steps to take. Instead of repeating those here, I’ll refer you to the website I used when making mine, Craft Passion. Their step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow.

Once you’ve created your yarn, come back and we’ll finish up our piece. The next part is where the fun begins.
tee shirt yarn
Now wasn’t making tee shirt yarn fun? I caught up on the latest episodes of Mad Men while I made mine.

Deciding what lengths to cut your piece of tee shirt yarn will vary on personal preference. Here’s what I did with mine:

Black: 10″
Navy: 14″
Aqua: 6″
Mint: 18″
White: 20″

making a wall hanging

Using my multi hanger as my base, I began looping yarn onto the bottom row (white) and worked my way up.

Simply loop your yarn over the bar and tug tightly for a snug fit. My pattern used 22 white in the center and 4 mint on either side to total 30 strings of yarn per row. Continue that pattern with each row until you come to the top row, where you’ll use all black yarn to total 30.

tee shirt wall hanging

Here’s my finished product – my very own piece of wall art. Love!

tie dye wall hanging
t-shirt yarn wall art

I really loved using this tie dye technique because it gave me complete control over my colors and intensity of shades. And I absolutely love how the tee shirt yarn created a thick texture to the piece.

tie dye wall textile

Have you seen all the beautiful wall textiles floating around the shelter magazines + Pinterest? The warmth + texture they add to a room without being heavy or obtrusive sets well with my minimalist nature.

Looking for something to keep your tweens busy during summer vacay? A piece of tie dye wall art just might be the perfect project.
But there are a lot more summer projects you can create with the Tulip Tie Dye kits. Their One-Step kits are perfect for multi-color projects and group activities. So easy to use, simply add water for beautifully bold colors that are permanent + color-fast.
Visit Tulip’s social media links below to get started.
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    So, so, so cool, Sarah! I love the ombre effect!

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    I love those colors and the ombre effect!

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    Great idea! At first it reminded me of macrame!

  • It’s got that retro 70’s vibe, for sure!

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  • Thanks, Vidya. It was a lot of fun to create.

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    Hi Sarah! I love your Tie Dye Textile Wall Art – it’s the perfect combination of two big trends! I recently published a blog post about t-shirt yarn and included a link to your lovely project. Go check it out! http://stitchandunwind.com/how-to-make-t-shirt-yarn/

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    This project is so fabulous!! It looks gorgeous, upscale, and it’s so clever how you used the hanger to make it. LOVE!

  • Using a multi-hanger works perfectly with this project. And thanks for taking time to comment!

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