Holiday Styling Repurposed: Antique Auto Horns

Holiday Styling Repurposed: Antique Auto Horns

When I found two antique auto horns a few months ago in an old junk shop, I knew they had some interesting potential. In their original state they were black & coated with grease, but that didn’t deter me or my love for what they could be. A beautiful patina was hiding underneath that layer of neglect which I was determined to uncover; and when I did, a lovely pair of upcycled vases was my reward.

This is one of the horns after being polished with fine steel wool.

 I first considered painting them. But the wear of the chrome plate and all the dings add a nice charm, so I left them as is.

Next I added a wood base picked up from the craft store. Using Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey paint, I painted the blocks with a heavy coat for an aged texture. The horns already had holes which made for an easy assembly.

After painting & waxing the bases, I attached the horns using a set of old screws. Of course you don’t have to use old screws, but if you happend to have a set because your husband is a hoarder, then by all means, use them!

All done.

I wish my images were better so that I could give you a close up of just how pretty these turned out. But the moral of the story is to look outside the box. As your reward, you just might find a real treasure. This dirty old set of auto horns became of my favorite upcycled projects so far.