Handmade Felt Baby Mobile

After seeing instructions on how to make felt balls, I’ve been wanting to do a project with them for some time. So when I decided to make a baby mobile for the newest member of our clan, the idea of this handmade felt baby mobile was born.

So sweet is a Handmade felt ball baby mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage

I love the soft texture of the felt – perfect for a nursery.

Making the mobile was surprisingly easy to do. This one is a little detailed, but I’ve laid the instructions out step-by-step for you.


1 – 10″ Embroidery Hoop

1 – 100′ White Parachute Cord (if you decide to wrap the hoop)

1 – Yarn Bee brand yarn in White Mimosa (or another size #2 thread/yarn with 62% cotton/38% rayon) cut to the following lengths: 4 – 36″ lengths, 3 – 6″ lengths. This gives you three strands of hanging felt balls, plus one in the center. (Feel free to use more if you’d like.)

1 – 2″ Wood Cabone Ring to hang your mobile

1 – Heavy Duty Needle

1 – Assorted Felt Balls, in Bright

1 – Assorted Felt Balls, in Warm

1 – Assorted Felt Balls, in Cool

1 – 4cm Wool Felt Balls, in snow

baby mobile |{Homw-ology} modern vintage

Cording the Hoop:

Using the nylon cord, wrap your embroidery hoop all the way around. Secure the beginning of the cord by wrapping over the first 1 inch. Continue wrapping your cord snugly.

making a mobile |{Homw-ology} modern vintage

Once done, tie a secure knot. For added durability, I melted the end of my knot so that it would stay put for a very long time. (You can also sew in and out of your knot with white thread to keep it from unraveling.)

*Make sure to tie your knot so that it is on the top side of the mobile so that it stays out of view.

making a mobile |{Homw-ology} modern vintage

For the 6′ Strands:

Keep in mind that these strands will hang from the top of the mobile and plan your pattern accordingly.

Using only the small felt balls, begin by sorting the balls according to the color pattern you want for each of the strands you’ve cut. Having your pattern laid out in advance is really helpful.  Since I was using varying colors on mine, I went for a random pattern, but just go with what looks good.

Tie a knot at the bottom of each of the strands, leaving 2-3″ of tail for tieing off later. Follow the directions below for adding your felt balls.

For Three 36″ Strands:

Keep in mind that these strands will hang from the bottom of the mobile and plan your pattern accordingly.

Using an assortment of sizes/colors, sort the balls just as you did for each of the 6′ strands, but this time make sure you end with a small ball at the top of the strand.

Tie a knot at the base of the strand then follow the directions below for adding the felt balls. Since these strands will hang from the bottom of the hoop, leave your 2-3″ tail for tieing off later at the top of the strand.

For the Fourth 36″ Strand:

Keep in mind that this strand will hang from the center of the mobile and plan your pattern accordingly.

Sort the felt balls the same way you did for the other 36″ strands, using an assortment of sizes and colors.

For this particular strand, tie your first knot at the base of the strand. You do not need to leave a tail of yarn at the base but, instead, you will want to leave approximately 8″ or so of unused yarn at the top for tieing off.

Adding Felt Balls:

Begin making each of your strands by tieing a knot at the bottom of strand of yarn according to the instructions for each length.

Thread the first ball into place. Next measure your desired distance between the first felt ball and your second then tie a second knot where the base of your next ball will land. This prevents the balls from slipping down. Continue in the same manner for all the balls in the strand.

For reference, I spaced my ball approximately 2.5 – 3 inches apart along all the strands. Again, I varied my placement for a slightly more random look.

make a felt ball baby mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Your strand will look something like this:

making a baby mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage

For reference, each of my 6′ strands ended up being a length of approximately 28 inches.

making a felt ball nursery mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage

Attaching Strands:

Once done, tie the bottom of the three 6′ strands equidistant apart to the base of the corded embroidery hoop. Tie each strand so the small felt ball you started with closely butts up against the top of your hoop. Again, tie the knots so that they are on the top of your hoop and are not visible from below.

After tieing the three 6′ strands to the hoop, take the 36″ strand you chose to place in the center and add it to the other 6′ strands. Tie all four strands to the wood cabone ring once you have made sure the hoop and strands are all hanging level. I used a small level to help with this part.

Play around with the length you like before making your final knot in the cabone.

Once you’ve added your three 6′ strands and your center 36″ strand to the hoop, begin attaching the three 36″ strands to the bottom of the mobile. Hang these strands so that the top small ball closely butts up against the corded hoop.

If possible, it helps to hang your mobile while you add the three 36″ strands. This prevents you from exhausting your arm as you raise and lower the mobile while checking for level. Attach them equidistant apart in a pleasing overall pattern.

felt ball baby mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage



felt ball baby mobile | {Home-ology} modern vintage

The lengths I chose allow this mobile to hang on an 8′ ceiling. If your ceilings are taller, simply braid together some of the yarn to create an attractive cord the length of your choosing. Tie your braided cord to the cabone ring and add another cabone ring to its top.


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